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Capital Formations

  • Debt Financing

    Debt financing is cash borrowed from a lender at a fixed rate of interest and with a predetermined maturity date. The principal must be paid back in full by the maturity date, but periodic repayments of principal may be part of the loan arrangement. Debt typically takes on the form of a loan.

  • Equity Investment

    We are control investors and we shape the outcomes of our transactions by improving operations, optimizing the capital structure, and making accretive capital investments. Given the flexibility of our capital, our investments and transactions take many forms.

  • Capital Raise

    An infusion of cash derived from the sale of stock, the company may grow its business without having to borrow from traditional sources, and it will thus avoid paying the interest required to service debt. This "free" cash spent on growth initiatives can result in a better bottom line.

Properties we fund

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