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NeXus Global Funding is a full service hard money network. We facilitate hard money loans for investors who are Interested in buying, holding, or selling property (Hard Assets) and those that cannot otherwise obtain or wait for conventional financing.
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NeXus Global Funding is the leading hard money network that facilitates hard money loans on behalf of numerous capital partners. NeXus aims to meet the needs of our clients seeking hard money financing on commercial real estate nationwide. Given our strong relationships with various capital providers, we are able to present some of the most competitive financing structures available in our industry. More importantly, we add value to each loan with our unmatched reliability and integrity.

A legitimate and ethical private investor who originates hard money loans assumes a huge amount of risk and will certainly require that you prove your "ability to repay". We will pull a credit report however, it doesn't matter about your credit score, but it does matter what is on your credit (no judgments, no liens, no tax liens or bankruptcies that have not been discharged or dismissed).Appraisal required. We offer super fast closings.Honestly, this is the best loan for most people. It is more expensive in some ways, but far cheaper in others, and there is a 99% chance that you are going to get the money if we say you are. .
STARTS AT 7.5% our network is for people with social security numbers and credit scores over 600 and who can document income. It works for both self-employed and W2 wage earners and takes approximately 8 weeks to close and requires an appraisal of the property. This program might start at 7.5%, but only the cream of the crop gets the 7.5%. Most people fall around 8.85% to 10.5%, which is still better than Traditional Hard Money, but be ready to provide all the items in the list of conditions we give you. Our lenders will not give you the list of conditions until AFTER the appraisal is completed and delivered. As always, the appraisal cost is your responsibility and MUST be paid (in-full) prior to moving through to commitment. Remember, appraisals are coming in LOW and are at the discretion of the (MAI) licensed apprasor however, be sure that NeXus Global Funding will see you through step by step.
Also starts at 7.5% this is a stated income program with tipically, a 3 to 5 year term, that comes with a 3 year or 5 year prepayment penalty (unless you buy it down). Credit score MUST be above 650, there will be an appraisal, and takes 8 weeks to close. Just like qualifying for a conventional loan you should be ready for a fairly long list of conditions. No worries, NeXus will stand with you throughout the process. NeXus Global Funding has many capital partners with multiple capital formations. If you dont find any of these options appealing, complete our contact form and we apply a capital loan structure that will meet your needs.
Private Lenders

NeXus Global Funding is Revolutionizing the Hard Money industry with Cutting Edge technology.

NeXus is at the forefront of newest technologies and resources to bring you the most pleasurable and cost effective capital structures in our industry. NeXus utilizes a peer-to-peer lending platform to allow our partners to lend money to our clients in an open transparent marketplace

NeXus features diverse capital structures that create multiple options for our clients.

More often than not, many of our competitors are limited in the options they can afford you. Here at NeXus, We have access to hundreds of lender/partners. Choice is power! Our Hard Money network is vast and wide.

Term and Rates

Interest Rates

Interest rates typically fall between 8% and 10% depending upon the usual factors such as: Quality, experience of sponsorship, location, cash flow (or the lack thereof), the nature of the borrower’s business plan, and the amount of time necessary to execute same.

Typical Loan Terms

While the most typical loan term is one year, we have originated loans with terms ranging from six months to five years.

Loan to Value

For first mortgages, NeXus will typically lend up to 75% loan to value - to be determined on a case-by-case basis. Mezzanine and second mortgage loans will only be considered on cash-flowing properties for strong sponsors with real expertise, net worth, liquidity and meaningful guarantees.

Pre-Payment Penalties

Our loans typically have no prepayment penalty after a short lockout period.

Origination Points

Typically 2% - 5% In some cases part of the origination fee may be structured as an exit fee (deferred until the loan is repaid). Points are determined on a case by case basis.

interest reserves

Depending upon the type of loan request, the nature of the business plan and the financial strength of the Sponsor, we may elect to structure the loan with interest reserve to cover a portion of the monthly interest payments.

Our Strengths Are

  • Commercial Loans

  • Hard Money Loans

  • Construction Loans

  • Bridge Loans

Our Skills are excellent

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The Loan Process

Understanding the hard money (often referred to as private money) funding and closing process will give you more insight into the parties involved and steps required that result in your new investment. As NeXus Global Funding has many capital formations, the process may vary depending on the property, location, loan structure, LTV, and other variables involved with alternative lending however, the information below is being provided to serve as a basic template to describe a typical transaction step by step. Finally, and most importantly, NeXus Global Funding prides itself on ethical, transparent, upfront and honest service to our clients. Please read the following: Due diligence and cost to the buyer: Discount points and fees can be rolled into a refinance assuming there is room based on the appraised value and in some cases interest payments can be financed as well however, up front deposits are required to pay for all 3rd party costs (appraisal/market value estimate, site visit, inspections, legal fees, escrow, etc.) These deposits are due once you accept a lender's term sheet or LOI. Just hover your mouse over the pictures below to see our 7-step process.

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The portfolio below represents a small sampling of our latest funded projects and does not represent the full scope of our reach. We accept all funding inquiries, and of all property types. Given the right conditions for both our clients, Funding Partners, and NeXus, we will fund your project guaranteed. There are no loan amounts too small or too large for NeXus if the transaction is mutually beneficial. If you are a large cap, intermediate, or small cap investor, NeXus Global Funding is for you. All you have to do now is complete the contact form below to get connected with a NeXus Funding Professional. You will need your full name, contact phone, email, and a brief description of your request. That’s all you will need to get started today and we will take care of the rest.

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We Are Hiring Motivated Affiliates

What Kind of Affiliate Partners are we Looking For? We are interested in affiliate partners who share a vision of providing people with the best investment options & commercial hard money educational and training solutions. Our mortgage affiliate partners are people who have contacts or knowledge of real estate investing or motivated people with unique ideas for growing with us and who are interested in developing long-term, profitable business relationships. If that sounds like you, take a minute to find out what partnering with NeXus Global Funding can do for you! NeXus Global Funding stands apart in both its approach and track record!! NeXus Global Funding can now fund loans all over the United States and abroad. We provide training and support information on a wide variety of real estate financing programs and the latest real estate trends. People who visit NeXus Global Funding know they can trust the information they receive. .

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